Top 10 kitchen tips


Across continents and diverse cultures, there’s one thing that bonds women – the attachment to the comforts of our home and the happiness of enjoying it with our loved ones. We are pleased to bring you a series of articles on tips and ideas for home improvement.

As wives and mums, we spend lots of our daily time in the kitchen. Let’s explore some great tips for a more functional, clever kitchen:

  1. Clean your blender the easy way by running it half filled with lukewarm water and a few drops of concentrated dishwashing liquid.
  2. Use the edge of a teaspoon to peel the hard-to-reach parts of a ginger. The curved shape helps it get into the crevices more readily and you won’t lose the precious chunks.b84392897535e203119d46191cd8b116
  3. Put your recipe cookbooks – opened to the desired recipe – in a clear plastic folder or bag to protect it from smears and splashes as well as to keep the pages from falling shut in a breeze.
  4. Don’t throw out soured milk. Unless it’s actually curdled (separated whey and solids), it can be used as buttermilk for baking biscuits, breads, scones and pancakes.
  5. Peel garlic by putting several garlic pods into a freezer bag, gently crush them with base of a small glass bottle or spice jar to loosen the peel. Then, use a fork to scrape out the loose garlic skins.
  6. Never shop for groceries on an empty stomach or a hungry child in tow. Tantrums are bound to
  7. Place tomatoes in the fridge to keep them fresh and stop the ripening and rotting.Tomatoes in fridge
  8. Discard plastic wrappings of vegetables and fruits, and wrap them individually in kitchen papers to prevent them from turning limp quickly.
  9. Rinse stainless steel cooking pots immediately and thoroughly after cooking acidic or salty foods. Never leave them in the pan to cool as acids and salt pit the surface of steel.
  10. An occasional vinegar wipe will keep the door seal of your fridge from sprouting mould or mildew in the creases.Wipe door seal of fridge

Do you know of any other tips that will be useful for mums? Comment to share them with us!


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