Review: Jkids Playground

Submitted by Mummy Megan

Happikiddo proudly presents the thoughts and feedback of mums around Malaysia. In this post, Mummy Megan shares her experience in Jkids Playground:

On a mundane Friday morning when the kids were bored and the Mum desperately needed a sanity break, we headed to the Paradigm Mall for a breather. What started as a quick window-shopping trip to drain the excess energy turned into a fun outing when we stumbled upon Jkids Playground.

I must say, it was appealing enough from the outside. Bright colours, sand pit, huge slides – we were drawn in instantly. What a huge relief; I could finally let the kids run wild while I take a break! The kids were grinning cheek to cheek when they stepped foot into the play area.

Happikiddo_Jkids 4

The Dancing Balloons had the kids jumping and hopping, trying to catch the floating balloons. The sand pit – which contained brown grain-like pieces – offered a good sensorial play minus the hot sun. The kids spent most of their two hours there, scooping and pouring the grains into the toys on-site.

The obstacles in the soft play area were also sufficiently challenging to keep the kids entertained. They had a blast going up and down the four-lane slides. The ball pool was big and tempting enough that even an adult wouldn’t think twice about jumping in too! We particularly enjoyed going on the Spinning Palm Tree and hanging on to each trunk.

Happikiddo_Jkids 3

In short, the play area was very well-padded for safety, in case of any accidents or tumbles. The best part was when the kids were playing, I could relax at a parents’ chill-out corner and watch them. This corner has a long line-up of tables facing the entire play area so you could just sit back with a cup of drink and monitor them. There were lockers for us to place our bags and what-nots too.

All was good, although this play area could do with a good revamp as some of the toys were slightly dated and looked in need of repair.

Happikiddo_Jkids 2

Some mummy time for me, lots of great time for the kids – what’s not to like? Just remember to bring your socks along. Have fun!

J-Kids Playground & Kids Party
RM20 for weekdays / RM30 for weekends

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