Lunch with a punch!


Feeding our children with nutritious, balanced meals is something most mothers take pride in. Healthy eating begins from young and benefits them in years to come. Besides leading by example, another way to encourage healthy eating is through packing wholesome, colourful meals in their school lunchboxes.

My golden rule when preparing meals for the family is integrating a combination of 50% vegetables and fruits, 25% protein (meat, eggs, fish, beans, nuts) and 25% of carbohydrates (rice, noodles, bread, potatoes). For instance, one of the easiest-to-prepare packed lunch for my four year-old is pasta bolognese with steamed broccoli on the side. For snacks, he usually gets a colourful medley of fruits comprising berries, mango and apple as well as some cheese crackers. Once a week, I throw in a small strip of dark chocolate or a packet of organic juice as a treat. Moderation is key.

When it comes to choosing the right lunchbox for our kids, we tend to ponder on several criteria:

  • Made of good quality, BPA-free material. Microwave- and dishwasher-safe too.
  • Comes with compartments to separate the dry food from the wet ones. Soft silicon cups can be used too.
  • Easy for little hands to open and manage.
  • Has a designated space for utensils.
  • Comes with a built-in handle or a carry bag. For carry bag, it should ideally be insulated or include an ice pack to keep the food cold or warm. Having mesh pockets to store water bottle or miscellaneous items is a bonus!

Let’s have a look at the range of lunchboxes available at Happikiddo:


It’s eco-friendly, BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. It comes with three containers and a custom icepack. Other sizes of containers are available too, so you can mix and match according to the varieties of the day. The fun part is, your child can personalize his lunchbox by changing the face plates. Put everything into the box – which includes an easy-to-hold rubber handle, no bag required – and your child is good to go!

Beaba Bento

Beaba Bento
Bento are great for school lunches, but you can start the concept with babies and toddlers too! This non-slip bottom lunchbox comes with a stackable plate and double-compartment dish, plus a lid to snap it all together and keep the fork and spoon in place. The whole set is BPA-, phthalate- and PVC-free as well as disherwasher- and microwave-safe.


Goodbyn Bynto

The Goodbyn Bynto range ticks the Recyclable, BPA-free, Dishwasher-Safe checklist. Based on the bento approach, it has three portion-control compartments for main meal, snacks and fruits. The box itself comes with a built-in handle for older kids to hold. For younger ones, we recommend a matching Goodbyn carry bag that is insulated and comes with one side mesh pocket for water bottle, one external zip pocket and another internal pocket. The insulated lining can be turned inside out for cleaning. If sandwich is a regular staple, you may want to consider adding the Goodbyn Mix & Match range that comes with a variety of different-size containers.


Nude Food Movers

Nude Food Movers
Highly affordable and functional, the Nude Food Movers selection is comprehensive and aptly known as the rubbish-free meal containers. Comprising containers of varying sizes, its range includes lunch, sandwich and snack boxes, stackable snack tubes, banana and muffin movers and neoprene covers. We love that they come in bright, happy colours too.


Simple, no-fuss and our old-school kind of lunch boxes, Rex comes in an assortment of vintage designs and colours. Size-wise, it fits a square sandwich snuggly.

Crocodile Creek

Crocodile Creek
Colourful, cute and cheerful describe this brand of lunchboxes best! Most designs come with matching insulated bag, container and bottle. We especially like the way its bags are designed – some with a zippered pocket at the front for little notes, and some with a horizontal compartment at the bottom so that food in the box doesn’t topple over from movements. Lunch boxes are PVC-, phthalate-, BPA- and vinyl-free.

Are you one of the happy owners of the lunchboxes above? Or do you use another brand that you totally love? Either way, please share your feedback with us!



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