Police-themed birthday bash

There comes a point in a toddler’s life where they embrace the significance of community helpers. They begin to imagine being one of them, rescuing people and contributing to the society. We call it little people with big hearts.

If your child squeals in delight at the sound of a police car siren, you’ll know that you have a fan of the law and order. Why not throw him/her a coptastic birthday bash?

Mummy Joey lets us into her DIY police-themed birthday celebration for her four year-old recently:

police themed party 3

“I had serious fun planning for Ewan’s birthday party. The look on his face when he walked into the party to discover everything-police was simply priceless.

To begin the fun, I created an obstacle at the entrance of the party room by zigzagging the entrance with caution tape. To ensure ‘maximum security’, guests were required to ‘scan’ their palm to enter.

police themed party

Inside the party hall, I placed a mugshot backdrop – made from large size papers – for photo opportunities. A variety of props such as ‘WANTED’ frames, paper masks, moustaches, sunglasses and hats were available for fun posing.

police themed party 9

police themed party 5

police themed party 8

Next to it was a hand-drawn Target Practice for little budding police officers, where they could try out their aiming skills with colourful ball-popping toy guns bought from Daiso.

police themed party 1

How about a crime scene? Instead of the silhouette outline of a man which may be a little too morbid for a kid’s party,  a cut-out shape of a frog along with numbering tags were laid out.

police themed party 7

For the dessert table, I did a night cityscape as the background. More props such as handcuff, torchlight, walkie talkie and a lollipop jail adorned the table. And of course, the birthday cake came in the shape of a police car!

police themed party 2

In terms of games, we played ‘nab-the-baddies’ ball search, ‘pin-the-badge’ on a cut-out policeman and musical statues. You can also make a police car piñata from a shoe box.

police themed party 6

Our little guests went home with party favours comprising mini donuts, copcorns, police hat, badge, a toy car and mini magnifier – all placed into a blue paper bag decorated with a big yellow star. It’s that simple!”

police themed party 4

If you would like to share your unique DIY birthday party with our readers, please get in touch with us here.

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2 thoughts on “Police-themed birthday bash

  1. Love it! My son had a police and bad guys party this year for his fourth birthday and it was so much fun to organise.


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