25 Simple Things Kids Can Do to Show Appreciation for Dad

DAD: A son’s first Hero, a daughter’s first Love

Strong hands, soft heart. They are superheroes without a cape. From a burly, serious macho guy pre-baby times, men are transformed into a gentle, loving giant teddy bear once they become fathers.  Only their children have such magical powers on the Man of the House.

Dads may not like to show much emotion, but they love their kids just as much as mums! No matter how hard the day was at his office, my husband always walks into the house with a big smile on his face and a welcoming hug for the kids who would come running into his arms.

This Father’s Day, let’s do something extra special to commemorate the love and commitment of your husband as the dad to your children. Here are some simple and easy things the kids can do to show their appreciation for their daddy:

  1. Give him hugs and kisses.
  2. Draw him a picture.
  3. Make him a nice breakfast in bed.
  4. Make him a “Best Father of The Year” medal.
  5. Let him sleep in on the weekends (once in a while!).
  6. Thank him for working hard and keeping us comfortable.
  7. Make him a bookmark.
  8. Leave him a special “You’re the best!” note in his wallet.
  9. Make him a special delicious smoothie or cookies.
  10. Pack him a nice lunchbox for work.
  11. Clear his plate at dinner.
  12. Read books together.
  13. Throw him a mini tea party.
  14. Listen the first time.
  15. Write him a story or a poem.
  16. Sing a song for him.
  17. Wash his car!
  18. Go for a walk.
  19. Buy him a gift he has been eyeing on.
  20. Send him a lovely message on Whatsapp with your big, happy smile.
  21. Ask him anything. Dads like to share knowledge and feel smart!
  22. Take him out for a movie or ice-cream treat.
  23. Prepare a family movie night at home.
  24. Keep the house nice and clean.
  25. Be nice to Mummy!

Did we miss anything? Feel free to share your tips too!



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