Top 5 Road Safety Tips From Parents

Nothing beats getting tried-and-tested tips from parents who have been through the journey. Whether a family road trip, travelling during festive season or just a monthly hometown visit, it’s essential to keep check on the family’s safety while on the go. The experience of the journey can determine a safe and pleasant arrival at the destination.

During one of our recent Buckle Up, No Excuse giveaways, we asked parents to share with us their best tips on road safety.

Here are the Top 5 picks:

Mummy Yunn Looi ~
Just be S.M.A.R.T. when you need to take a long drive balik kampung during this coming holiday. (S)eat belts must be worn all the time when you get in the car. (M)ake sure the car engine and tyres are in good condition before the journey. Stay (A)lert at the wheel and any possible danger. (R)est after few hours of driving. Take a nap if needed or take turn with others for the next drive. (T)hink of your loved ones who are waiting for you in kampung and your loved ones in the car. It reminds you to drive carefully and be cautious. So, BUCKLED UP AND HAPPY DRIVING!

Hani Omas
Mummy Hani Omas ~ 

Plan your travel time and don’t forget to stop at R&R to take a rest, breastfeed your baby. The most important thing is, do not follow too closed to the car in front of you. Be patient and always remember you are not alone inside the car but you bring along together your family life. So drive carefully and enjoy your Balik Kampung trip with smile and happy with your family.

Jocelyn Lai
Mummy Jocelyn Lai ~ 
There are many ways to calm them down in the carseat. Sing with them, play peekaboo when you are at traffic lights and always use a mirror to keep eye contact with them at the back. Shades keep them from bright sunlight and pack small toys! Bring their favourite pillow or blanket with them for their comfort.

Nicole Chye
Mummy Nicole Chye ~

1 2 buckle up 3 4 sit tight 5 6 sing song 7 8 safe ride 9 10 do it again!

Nadzatul Najwa
Mummy Nadzatul Najwa ~

Tyre pressure, checked. Engine oil, checked. Water in radiator, checked. Battery, checked. Cold air cond, checked. Left right and hazard signals, checked. Fuel, checked.  Raya songs on radio, checked. An energized driver, checked. Snacks for driver, checked. A full-tummy baby, checked. Teething toys, checked. Buckled up baby in car seat, checked.

*Entries have been edited for conciseness. 

Giveaways – Buckle Up, No Excuse! 

In line with our latest effort in creating the awareness of buckling up our children in the car, we conducted various giveaways in our social media across four weeks. Specially selected to assist parents in encouraging kids to get buckled up in the car, the prizes include interesting nursery song CDs, kids’ sunglasses, milk warmer as well as our recently introduced car seats by Akarana Baby.  

Here are the lucky winners: 


Winner 1: Nadzatul Najwa; Winner 2: Ellayne Yong

Winner 1: Po Lynn; Winner 2: Siti Aishah Bte Abdul Ghahim

Winner 1: Aminah Sanusi; Winner 2: Nas Shariff

Winner 1: Hani Omas; Winner 2: Yunn Looi

Congratulations to all our winners! A heartfelt thank you to all our participants who took part and contributed their ideas. 

Fret not if you missed these giveaways. Stay tuned and keep a look out on our Facebook page and Instagram @thehappikiddo for upcoming contests. 

How to Choose A Kick Scooter For Your Junior

Most kids love riding on a kick scooter. Not to mention adults too! It’s a handy, fun and practical vehicle that both children and grown-ups enjoy. They are more than just outdoor toys, but also a reliable mode of transportation for short distances.

Aside from practicality, design and size, here are some factors to consider when you choosing a kick scooter for your junior:

  • A sturdy, slender deck (platform for placing the feet) that is low to the ground for greater balance and stability. The design of the deck should also taper toward the back, in order to clear the way for a kick path.
  • Two front wheels, which make the scooter more stable, compared to those one-front-wheel ones.
  • Handlebars that can’t make sharp turns, which keeps the scooter steady and make it less likely for your kid to fall. The grip should be based on your child’s height and comfortable to hold.
  • The scooter should be lightweight and not too heavy for your child to push off herself should it fall on top of her.
  • Adjustable-height handlebars, which let the scooter grow with your kid.
  • It should be easy to be folded away and portable to be brought around, in the event you plan on carting it on vacation or have to travel to an area where it’s safe enough for your child to ride.

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JDBug Deluxe Scooter

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Radio Flyer Scooter

Radio Flyer Scooter


Now that you have learned a lot about how to choose a kick scooter, you need to also consider the safety concerns. A safety helmet and safety pads should always be used, particularly if the kick scooter is for your child. The Little Riders Animal Helmets never fails to make a statement in the park 🙂 They are great for cycling, scooting, in-line skating and skateboarding:

Little Riders Animal Helmet

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