Giveaways – Buckle Up, No Excuse! 

In line with our latest effort in creating the awareness of buckling up our children in the car, we conducted various giveaways in our social media across four weeks. Specially selected to assist parents in encouraging kids to get buckled up in the car, the prizes include interesting nursery song CDs, kids’ sunglasses, milk warmer as well as our recently introduced car seats by Akarana Baby.  

Here are the lucky winners: 


Winner 1: Nadzatul Najwa; Winner 2: Ellayne Yong

Winner 1: Po Lynn; Winner 2: Siti Aishah Bte Abdul Ghahim

Winner 1: Aminah Sanusi; Winner 2: Nas Shariff

Winner 1: Hani Omas; Winner 2: Yunn Looi

Congratulations to all our winners! A heartfelt thank you to all our participants who took part and contributed their ideas. 

Fret not if you missed these giveaways. Stay tuned and keep a look out on our Facebook page and Instagram @thehappikiddo for upcoming contests. 


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