JUST IN – Nov 2015!

We love new things, don’t you? Check out these new arrivals!


Belly Buds
Interact with your baby from womb! BellyBuds is a safe, convenient option for sharing music, voices and/or sound with your baby-to-be via their “bellyphones” that adhere to the belly with medical-grade, reusable and skin-safe hydrogel rings. Get it here.



Janod confetti guitar Janod confetti accordion

A full size guitar! A modern take on an old favourite accordion! These are just some of Janod’s great sounding toys that encourage pretend play, coordination and fine motor skills among budding musicians. Order them here.


Janod princess magnetistick

janod racing magnetistick

Feature walls are taken to another level with the ever-popular Janod Magneti’stick new themes of Princess and Racing. Innovative in design, the decal is placed on the wall with reusable magnetic stickers that can be moved around to create your own imagination! Choose from a wide variety of themes here and here.


janod tic tac suitcase

A super tell-the-time game great for teaching the concept of time. Complete with clock faces and daily activities that can be linked to specific times of the day. Get one here!





Well-known for its Doudou (baby comforter), the Kaloo toys range from France includes soft toys, baby mobiles, character bean bags and lots more. See the full range here.

Get them delivered to your doorstep or drop by any of our stores for a visit soon!


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