Top 15 Parenting Tips By Mums For Mums

Indeed the best people to learn about a trade from are, from those who have walked the path! We recently asked mums the big question –

What is one best personal tip or advice you would share with parents and parents-to-be?

Good things are meant to be shared. Here are the top 15 parenting tips you might find useful:

mam mit baby

1. Talk with them and listen to your child. Respect and recognise your child’s feelings! – Elaine Tan

2. Be a good role model to the kids in your daily life and be aware of the way we speak as children learn everything from adults. – Penny Chan

3. Be generous with rewards — your love, hugs, and compliments can work wonders! – Lee Eleen

4. When talking to our child, please do not lecture them. Speak in short sentences, especially for preschoolers. And try to put demands in the positive. For example, say ‘walk’ instead of ‘don’t run’. – Ana CT Ani

5. The most important lesson you can give to your child, no matter how young they are, is that they are always capable of doing anything, just as you show them they are capable of sitting, and walking. The same goes for everything else in life. – Esther YS Ling

6. Always tell your child you love him/ her. Many times a day! For no reason! No matter how old they are! No matter if they cringe in return or not. – Sharon Goh

7. Let children to drink breast milk until two years old as breastfed kids are relatively more healthy and we save money from buying milk powder. It’s alright to let them wear second-hand clothes, with babies wearing cloth diapers. Instead of wet wipes, wash hands with water and always have a handkerchief in hand when on the go. – Qing Yi

8. Pray for our children, pray with our children. When things are down, pray. When things are up, pray. Prayer works! We do our best as parents, we let God do the rest! – Stacy Wong

Mother and child having fun while teaching and playing together
9. Each child is a different and unique individual. The rule is don’t compare! That way, parents will be less stressed and the child will be stress free! – Faith Chan

10. When you think you can, you can! (especially for breastfeeding among first time mothers) – Huang Bao Xian

11. Our role as parents is not to ensure our kids are happy. It’s to prepare them to find their own happiness. So it’s good to let kids fail. They will learn how to cope when things don’t go their way, and gain the self-confidence to try new things, and go for it. – Easter Wong

12. Let it go! We parents have to learn to let go, so that they could learn all by themselves. We are here just to guide them and not owned them. – Chan Yu Chin

13. When we were kids, we used to learn that, if we ever got lost (say, in a department store), we should find a policeman for help. But how often is a policeman present? Instead, I should tell my kid she should look for a mum with children, since it’s more likely that the person could help. It makes a lot more sense to me! – Tan Aik Guan

14. Instead of using an electric thermos to make hot milk for baby, invest in a good portable thermos that is able to keep warm for 6-8 hours. It saves electricity. Use hot boiling water to sterilise milk bottles or baby feeding items instead of buying a steriliser. It works the same way in killing harmful germs. – Katelynn Kayley Low

15. Teach them to be grateful as we were told to be grateful to all those who had helped us. – Sk Lim


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