Top Baby Names

Looking for name inspiration for the baby in your bump? The Office for National Statistics in the UK recently released the top baby names registered in the country for 2014.

Check it out; one of these names might strike a chord or render a kick from your belly 🙂

Baby Boy Names


  1. Oliver
  2. Jack
  3. Harry
  4. Jacob
  5. Charlie
  6. Thomas
  7. George
  8. Oscar
  9. James
  10. William
  11. Noah
  12. Alfie
  13. Joshua
  14. Muhammad
  15. Henry
  16. Leo
  17. Archie
  18. Ethan
  19. Joseph
  20. Freddie
  21. Samuel
  22. Alexander
  23. Logan
  24. Daniel
  25. Isaac
  26. Max
  27. Mohammed
  28. Benjamin
  29. Mason
  30. Lucas
  31. Edward
  32. Harrison
  33. Jake
  34. Dylan
  35. Riley
  36. Finley
  37. Theo
  38. Sebastian
  39. Adam
  40. Zachary
  41. Arthur
  42. Toby
  43. Jayden
  44. Luke
  45. Harley
  46. Lewis
  47. Tyler
  48. Harvey
  49. Matthew
  50. David

Baby Girl Names

baby girl

  1. Amelia
  2. Olivia
  3. Isla
  4. Emily
  5. Poppy
  6. Ava
  7. Isabella
  8. Jessica
  9. Lily
  10. Sophie
  11. Grace
  12. Sophia
  13. Mia
  14. Evie
  15. Ruby
  16. Ella
  17. Scarlett
  18. Isabelle
  19. Chloe
  20. Sienna
  21. Freya
  22. Phoebe
  23. Charlotte
  24. Daisy
  25. Alice
  26. Florence
  27. Eva
  28. Sofia
  29. Millie
  30. Lucy
  31. Evelyn
  32. Elsie
  33. Rosie
  34. Imogen
  35. Lola
  36. Matilda
  37. Elizabeth
  38. Layla
  39. Holly
  40. Lilly
  41. Molly
  42. Erin
  43. Ellie
  44. Maisie
  45. Maya
  46. Abigail
  47. Eliza
  48. Georgia
  49. Jasmine
  50. Esme

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