Doona is now available in Happikiddo!

Doona – the highly popular, next generation carseat – has landed in Happikiddo.

Dubbed the world’s first infant carseat with integrated wheels, Doona makes moving around with baby ultra easy. It is designed to provide parents with a safe and practical mobility solution for their baby, both in and outside the car. It is also aircraft approved and has received safety certifications from the EU and US nations.

Key Features of Doona:

Doona features

We can’t stop raving about the Doona. It has already won seven awards, and it’s easy to see why. Here’s what mums who have tried and tested Doona said:

“Aside from its major selling point, which hasn’t yet been seen elsewhere on the market, the first thing I noticed was the space-saving benefits. I no longer had to reserve half of my car’s trunk space for a stroller, and my cramped city apartment felt less so with just this one piece of baby gear in the entryway.” ~ Pop Sugar

“A clever, nicely-designed, easy alternative to a travel system, perfect for out-and-about parents or those short on space. I loved it.” ~ Made For Mums

“The Doona car seat is one of those ‘extras’ you might put on your Baby Wish List. You can live without one so is it worth spending nearly £300 on? In my honest opinion, the answer is yes, yes and yes again. It makes getting out and about with a baby as easy as possible. It’s designed for modern parents and families who are always out and about.” ~ The Travel Hack

“On reflection, the Doona made our lives so much easier on our trips to the shops. The fact that it takes up no boot space, is easy to put in and out of the car, can be carried upstairs and requires no assembly are major positives of the Doona.” ~ The Dadventurer 

In conjunction with the launch of Doona, we are pleased to offer a super duper promotion for this amazing carseat + stroller valid throughout the whole month of March 2016:


Get yours today at any Happikiddo stores or shop online here. Choose from five eye-catching colours.


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