How To Choose The Right Stroller

Stokke Xplory

Buying a stroller is like buying a car – you know you need it, but the models, features and options available can make the process rather complicated. For instance, there are the multi-terrain strollers for jogging and adventure, lightweight strollers and travel systems. There are also the umbrella types and double-seated ones. With endless choices and extras, finding the ideal stroller can be overwhelming.

abc design zoomDoona
A quality strolling option will not only serve you for years, but also works well for multiple kids, or as a hand-me-down to from friends and relatives. Many factors combine to make this particular purchase a highly personal one, but take heart – the following tips can help you choose the best ride for your baby.

  • BUDGET. Before you begin your search, work out a budget first. As a stroller gets used so often for such a long time – from newborn to 3+ years – it’s wiser to spend a little bit extra to get exactly what you need from the start.
  • PURPOSE. Decide what and where you will be mainly using your stroller for. If you enjoy running or walking regularly with your baby, then consider a stroller that’s suitable for all-terrain. If you’re looking for something to keep in the car boot for use around the shopping malls, you may want to invest in an umbrella stroller. For frequent travellers, it’s worth considering a lightweight and compact stroller.If the idea of transferring your baby straight from the car into the stroller is appealing, a travel system – a stroller with a compatible infant car seat that clips onto the stroller – is the answer. Alternatively, a stroller with a universal frame lets you attach your car seat to it without waking up your baby, and once baby outgrows the car seat, you can decide on replacing it with another wider, child seat.


  • MANEUVERABILITY. It’s essential for your stroller to be easy to maneuver, especially when it is going to be filled with a baby and groceries. Look for one that can be pushed forward, pulled backward and turned around easily, possibly one which has four-way wheels. Put your child in the stroller and go for a test-drive around the store. It should feel smooth and easy to manage. Remember that your child will grow heavier, hence durability must be taken into account too.
  • FEATURES. Run through the features of each shortlisted stroller. Do they come with umbrellas or shades, cup and snack holders? Are the harness straps and buckles easy to adjust, comfortable for kids? Does it have locking rear wheels and completely reclining seat positions? Is the fabric removable and washable?If this is your first stroller and you’re planning on having more children, it’s a good idea to look at models that have the ability to have additional seat or a stand-on board installed later. It’s also important to check that neither parent will struggle with the weight, size and height of the stroller when pushing or lifting it.

    With a baby in tow, you will have more things to carry with you. Add on a couple of shopping bags and you might find yourself very quickly out of hands – so it’s good to consider strollers that have a bigger storage space

    Is it also easy to be collapsed or folded? The last thing you need when your child is crying is to be standing in a busy car park trying to collapse a stroller with a myriad of levers and buttons!

    Cosatto-Pixilate-Supa-Dupa-Double-Stroller-4_1Babyzen Yoyo

  • SAFETY. As with all strollers, you should look for one that is approved and has been put through stringent safety testing procedures. Check up the web for any product recalls of your shortlisted strollers to make sure they are completely safe and approved.

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Happy shopping for the perfect stroller!


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