Stokke Arrives in Happikiddo!

Stokke is about making families happy, so it makes perfect sense that Stokke lands our stores. What we love most about the Stokke collection is the versatility of their products and how they are designed to grow with our babies, making them a great investment that can be passed on to siblings over the years. Now, isn’t that smart parenting? ūüôā

Here are among the versatile Stokke products that are available in store and online from



Stokke Tripp Trapp – The chair that grows with the child. From birth.



Stokke Steps – The All-in-One seating system from birth.


Stokke Sleepi – Four beds in one.


Stokke care changing station

Stokke Care – From changing table to desk.




Stokke MyCarrier – The organic 3-in-1 baby carrier.


Stokke Xplory – The ultimate CONNECTION stroller.


Stokke Scoot РThe smart URBAN stroller.


Stokke Trailz – The versatile ALL-TERRAIN stroller

Stokke izigo

Stokke IziGo X1 by BeSafe – The lightweight carseat

Happi shopping, Stokke lovers!


Top 5 Road Safety Tips From Parents

Nothing beats getting tried-and-tested tips from parents who have been through the journey. Whether a family road trip, travelling during festive season or just a monthly hometown visit, it’s essential to keep check on the family’s safety while on the go. The experience of the journey can determine a safe and pleasant arrival at the destination.

During one of our recent Buckle Up, No Excuse giveaways, we asked parents to share with us their best tips on road safety.

Here are the Top 5 picks:

Mummy Yunn Looi ~
Just be S.M.A.R.T. when you need to take a long drive balik kampung during this coming holiday. (S)eat belts must be worn all the time when you get in the car. (M)ake sure the car engine and tyres are in good condition before the journey. Stay (A)lert at the wheel and any possible danger. (R)est after few hours of driving. Take a nap if needed or take turn with others for the next drive. (T)hink of your loved ones who are waiting for you in kampung and your loved ones in the car. It reminds you to drive carefully and be cautious. So, BUCKLED UP AND HAPPY DRIVING!

Hani Omas
Mummy Hani Omas ~ 

Plan your travel time and don’t forget to stop at R&R to take a rest, breastfeed your baby. The most important thing is, do not follow too closed to the car in front of you. Be patient and always remember you are not alone inside the car but you bring along together your family life. So drive carefully and enjoy your Balik Kampung trip with smile and happy with your family.

Jocelyn Lai
Mummy Jocelyn Lai ~ 
There are many ways to calm them down in the carseat. Sing with them, play peekaboo when you are at traffic lights and always use a mirror to keep eye contact with them at the back. Shades keep them from bright sunlight and pack small toys! Bring their favourite pillow or blanket with them for their comfort.

Nicole Chye
Mummy Nicole Chye ~

1 2 buckle up 3 4 sit tight 5 6 sing song 7 8 safe ride 9 10 do it again!

Nadzatul Najwa
Mummy Nadzatul Najwa ~

Tyre pressure, checked. Engine oil, checked. Water in radiator, checked. Battery, checked. Cold air cond, checked. Left right and hazard signals, checked. Fuel, checked.  Raya songs on radio, checked. An energized driver, checked. Snacks for driver, checked. A full-tummy baby, checked. Teething toys, checked. Buckled up baby in car seat, checked.

*Entries have been edited for conciseness. 

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9 Ways to Cope When Your Baby Refuses The Car Seat

This post is part 4 of 4 of Happikiddo’s “Buckle Up No Excuse” road safety series. #buckleupnoexcuse

Happikiddo_Buckle Up No Excuse_Info5

For some parents, a car ride is a guaranteed nap for their baby but for others, it can be a stressful scream-fest instead. Trying to drive while your little one wails and cries at the top of her lungs is challenging, to say the least.

Crying baby

A mum shares her frustration with us:

“My 3-month old baby hates the car. The crying begins as soon as I start driving. We’ve tried everything: adjusting the straps, using a blanket, not using a blanket, hanging toys from the handle but nothing works. Occasionally he’ll cry himself to sleep, but for the most part driving with him is a nightmare. I’m about to give up. What can we do to improve his experience with car seat?” – Helen Wee, mum to Oskar

Crying is usually less severe than thought; it’s a baby’s way to communicate. Although it‚Äôs tough¬†to deal with, always remember that you and your baby‚Äôs safety come first. No matter how tempting it may be, never take a crying baby out of the car seat. It‚Äôs extremely dangerous and counterproductive, making it even more difficult for your child to get used to riding in her car seat.

The good news is – with time, consistency and a few trials and errors – your baby will eventually become a happy traveller. Just don’t give up and give in!

Here are some tips we found useful:

Tip #1: Make sure baby is comfortable

  • Dress baby lightly. Car seat is akin to¬†an insulated bucket and crying makes baby even warmer.
  • Remove baby’s hat to prevent overheating and having it¬†drift down over his eyes.
  • Make sure the air-conditioner is not blowing directly on baby’s face.
  • Take out the¬†U-shaped “head support” especially if you’re living in a tropical climate as it can get really warm.
  • Make sure your baby hasn‚Äôt outgrown his car seat too. A too-tight harness is not fun.
  • Put up a sunshade in the window. Just make sure to avoid any hard ones¬†that could come off and bop your baby during a quick stop.

Tip #2: Establish familiarity
This may sound a little cumbersome but try bringing the car seat into the house and let your baby sit and play in it at the beginning. Once she gets used to it, she may be happier to sit there in the car.


Tip #3: Entertain with toys or images
You can keep your baby occupied in the car by doing the following:

  • Keep a special box of soft, safe toys such as furry friends or foam blocks, specially for car rides only. These may hold baby’s¬†attention for a while during the journey. Avoid hard toys because they could cause injury in an abrupt stop.
  • Tape or hang lightweight toys at where your baby can see. Place them just at arm‚Äôs reach so that your baby can bat at them from his¬†seat.
  • Hang a baby-friendly picture poster with colours like black, white, red and bold primary shades¬†on the back of the seat that faces your baby. Change the pictures regularly. You can also take a photo of your face, with a nice and big, happy smile. Blow up the picture to about A4 size and position it where your baby can see it.
  • Sucking or chewing on a small, soft toy can help pacify your baby. Stick to objects that are large enough not to present a choking hazard.

Tip #4: Music and sounds
Music has a calming effect on some babies. Play¬†lullabies or sounds¬†made especially for young children. Keep experimenting until you find a favourite.¬†You can also opt to play ‘white noise’ such as those of calming nature sounds. Or wind down the windows by just a little. Fresh, cool air and the whooshing noise may help. ¬†Easiest still, talk to your baby – mummy’s voice is the best!

Tip #5: Practice makes perfect
A few pleasant experiences may help set a new pattern. Take advantage of times when your baby is in a good mood by practising with short drives. Have someone sit near her and keep her entertained.

Tip #6: Driver-baby mirror
Get a special driver-baby mirror that allows you to see each other. Seeing a familiar¬†face will help baby to¬†overcome any separation anxiety she may be feeling. Be careful not to keep checking on your baby though; your focus should be solely on the road and everyone’s safety.

Tip #7: Snacks
For toddlers, you can keep them occupied with some safe, choke-free treats in the car.


Tip #8: Plan ahead
Try to consolidate trips as much as possible to avoid lengthy car rides. Since your baby’s discomfort over a wet diaper or a little gas can be intensified by sitting in the car, timing your journeys properly¬†can make all the difference in the world. You may want to give him a bottle right before you¬†go out, burp him, and rock him till he drifts off a little before putting him in his car seat. During lengthy road trips, stop by a rest area to take a break every 1-2 hours.

Tip #9: Rule out health issues
If your baby only recently starts crying in the car seat when she’s been okay all the while – ¬†or if she has been particularly fussy at home – she may have an ear infection or other illness. Visit your pediatrician to rule out any possible health risks.

Do you have any other tips to share with new parents?