A Joyful Baby Shower

Our Baby Shower came and went with much success! All seats were snapped up quickly and we had over 25 expectant couples who joined us for an afternoon of fun, laughter and prizes on 13th November 2016 at Happikiddo Quill City Mall. Themed Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, celebrity mums Fouziah Gous and Chui Ling were there to make the event extra special. We had a line-up of information sharing, games, high tea, prize giveaway and various activities to keep mums and bumps happy.

A special THANK YOU to our participants, sponsors, partners as well as Happiteam for making the Baby Shower a success. Here are some photos taken during the event:

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How to Plan A Baby Shower

Throwing a dear one a baby shower? Let’s get organised!

Baby showers are gaining popularity among the Malaysian mums lately. A time to celebrate new life and share advice on parenting, anyone from a family member to a close friend or coworker can be a hostess for the event, which is usually held during the last two months of pregnancy. Whether it’s pre- or post-birth shower, it’s important to ask the expectant parents on their preference.

Here’s how you can plan a baby shower in a jiffy:

Step 1: Pick a date and time. Ask the guest-of-honour of course! The best time to do is at the beginning of the third trimester, when the expectant mum is still feeling pretty comfortable. Talk to guests you really want to be there too. Weekend afternoons would be most ideal.

Step 2: Determine the guest list and budget. Consider the number of guests within your budget and get the mum-to-be to come up with a list of guests. You may also want to check the availability of baby’s grandparents. Nothing is worse than planning a party and sending out invitations, only to find that the most important people can’t make it.

The best way to cover the cost is to ask each guest to chip in. When working out how much it might add up to, factor in the costs for main combined present, venue, food, drinks, utensils, party favours, cake, decorations, prizes for games and so on.

Step 3: Select a venue. Depending on the number of guests, the venue options can range from a cafe or a hotel to a community hall or a local club. If budget is limited, ask around to see if anyone else is prepared to host the event at their home. Then send out the invitations four to six weeks before.


Step 4: Choose a theme. Although this is optional, it’s easier to work on the event when you have coordinating colours and elements in mind. It looks more trendy and is also more fun for the guests.

Step 5: Decide on the menu, decor, party favours. Nail down these details about two to three weeks before the shower. Purchase or DIY the decorations; you can find lots of ideas in Pinterest. what will the guests eat? Make sure the menu appeals to the guest of honor’s tastes. Finger foods makes it easier for guests to manage the food and take part in the event. As for party favours, take-home bags of candy, homemade chocolates, scented soaps, candles, or bubble bath are regular crowd-pleasers.

Step 6: Draw up the programme. Most showers include games, gift opening, eating, and drinking. The goal is to create a fun flow that keeps guests entertained and engaged.





BOO! Easy Halloween Door Decor Ideas

With Halloween around the corner, the best and quickest way to join in the fun of trick or treat is by decorating your front door. We gather some simple door decor ideas for spooky delight!


Get some white crepe paper and go zig-zag on your door. You can also use toilet roll but that will take lots of patience to stick it on



This is real simple – all you’ll need are masking tape, paper plates and coloured crepe paper


This photo provided by FamilyFun/Meredith Corp. shows the halloween decoration, "Nice to Eat You." Quickly make an amusing Halloween front door with craft foam: Using removable foam-mounting squares, attach pointy white teeth so they hang from inside the door frame and two large, yellow eyes with black pupils mounted above the doorway. Find this and other Halloween crafts online at FamilyFun magazine. (Alexandra Grablewski/FamilyFun/Meredith Corp. via AP)

Use removable foam-mounting squares, attach pointy white teeth so they hang from inside the door frame and two large, yellow eyes with black pupils mounted above the doorway.



This is real cute. You’ll just need googly eyes – lots of them!



Pretty spooky isn’t it?



Another easy one! To create the cob web, use cotton wool



We love this – easy, cute and FUN!


Top 10 Travel Essentials For Kids

Going on a road trip or travelling overseas with your little ones? Don’t forget to pack these!

Trunki images Handout Contact Melanie Peck Trunki Transmitter Airport_Trunki train.jpg

Trunki, from RM219.00



pockit stroller

Pockit Stroller, RM953.00


cosatto zoomi

Cosatto Zoomi, RM1059.90


pee pee elly

Pee Pee Elly, RM34.80