Inspiring Words For Children You Should Use Everyday


Every day, it starts over where we get a chance to shape the lives of our children.  The way that we talk to them becomes their inner voice. It teaches them how to talk to others too.

Let’s make the most out of it. Here’s a compilation of positive sentences that we can say daily to inspire and encourage our children, equipping them for the future.

  1. You are amazing. You are brave. You are strong.
  2. You got this!
  3. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
  4. Your words are powerful. Use them wisely.
  5. Be your own kind of beautiful.
  6. You are more than enough, exactly as you are.
  7. I love you through and through. You are so, so very loved.
  8. Never say ‘I can’t’. Always say ‘I’ll try’.
  9. Mistakes are proof that you are trying.
  10. You must be very proud of yourself.
  11. You are getting better everyday.
  12. I trust you can handle this.
  13. I’m grateful for you.
  14. Watching you grow up is the best.
  15. Being your parent is my favourite job.
  16. That was a really good choice.
  17. You make my heart full.
  18. Not everyone will like you, and that’s okay.
  19. How did I get the Best Kid In The World?
  20. You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.



Must-Haves for New Mums

Carrying, birthing and raising a baby is hard work. That’s why your needs and well-being as a mum should always come first. Go on, pamper and treat yourself. You deserve it. Because only when you’re well cared for will you be able to give your best in motherhood.

We enlist some of the new mums’ must-haves for a smooth and happy journey in parenting.

Mustela 9 months
From stretch mark cream and bust support gel to body restructuring gel and legs cream, the Mustela 9 months range is certain to make you feel like a million bucks.

Candide Multirelax

This pillow will help to support your growing bump, soothing you down to a good night’s sleep. The best part is, you can still use it as a bolster or support pillow after baby is born.

Mothers En Vogue Maternity Clothes
Strut your stuff (and in this case, your belly) with the chic Mothers En Vogue range. Who says pregnancy is boring?

Tanamera Post-Natal Care Set

If you’re a spa junkie, you’ll definitely love this pampering set. Even if you’re not, you’ll be one after using it.

Medela Freestyle

Look no further other than the Medela Freestyle for a successful and easy breastfeeding journey. We promise you’ll thank us for recommending this ultra efficient, double breastpump.

Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover

Breastfeeding is IN! Top it up with a pretty and practical Bebe Au Lait cover and you’re the new star mum. It comes in assorted prints and fabrics, as well as an open neckline for an eye-to-eye contact with baby.

Ergobaby Nursing Pillow
Sit down, lean back and pop your baby in. You get to rest, your baby gets her nutrition. Plus your back will thank you for this in years to come.

Babyhood Glider Chair

Rock-a-bye baby doesn’t just apply to babies. Mums deserved that soothing ride too. This rings true especially for “sleep when baby sleeps”. Rock on, mums!

Belly Bandit

Can’t zip up that pre-pregnancy pants? Belly Bandit to the rescue! The Belly Bandit helps to tighten, shrink and control your belly so you can flaunt that LBD with confidence.

Mom More Milk Lactation Cookies
Not only these are yummy, the Mom More Milk Cookies and Brownies boosts your milk supply too. Complement that with a cup of Lactation Hot Chocolate too. Just the perfect treat!

Absolute Essential Oils

When the tough gets going, the tough whips out some essential oils and inhale. Pick from a heavenly variety of essential oils for that instant, lift-me-up aromatherapy do.

Get these in stores or online via our website. You may also order by sending us a Whatsapp on 011-2718 5453.

8 Ways For Kids to Self-Calm

Happy, excited, sad, frustrated. Angry, bored, disappointed, upset. Emotions are big feelings for children. Those who are guided by their parents to accept and manage their feelings since young usually grow up to be emotionally ready and healthy adults. We can help our children to regulate their emotions by acknowledging their feelings and thoughts, as well as teaching them ways to calm down on their own.

Source: Getty Images

Here are eight things kids can do to calm down:

1. Take a deep breath
This good, old way of self-calming is no stranger. Taking a deep breath or two can help them calm their nerves quickly.

2. Count to 5
Counting is a great way to help kids learn how to stop and think before reacting to their anger.

3. Identify sensations
Teach kids to identify the sensations they experience with each emotion. Is his heart beating fast? Does he feel a knot in the tummy? Get them to breathe ‘love’ into that part of the body.

4. Head to toe relaxation
Ask them to mentally scan their body, beginning from the head to shoulder, tummy, knees and finally feet. Get them to breathe into those parts of the body, or shake off the mads and sads as they go from part to part.

5. Blow into your hands
This way promotes deep breathing. By blowing directly into their hands, the child can feel the strength of their breaths.

6. Place hands in pocket
Or sit on hands or clasp them tightly. This method provides kids with physical restraint and pressure, hence offering a chance to think.

7. Squeeze and release
Just like using a stress ball, kids can also de-stress by squeezing their hands into fists, and release. Do it several times to release the tension.

8. Get a hug
A hug works wonders and melts the tension. Kids who are hugged more feel more loved and more confident in their emotions.


Inspiring Malaysian Female Role Models We Love!

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. ~ Diane Mariechild

For centuries, women have played important, integral roles in the society. From holding positions in politics and corporate world to managing the domestic front and shaping the future generation, women have proven that anything is possible when we set our minds to. Throughout our course of growth and expansion, we have had the chance to meet and work with many admirable women – all of whom carry a composition of grace, strength and courage.











We did a round-up of our favourite Malaysian female role models and here there are:


Daphne Iking

One of the most sought-after and accomplished entertainment personalities, Daphne is a TV host, emcee, actress and on top of these, a mum of three! Daphne wears confidence like her second skin. We particularly admire her emotional generosity, diligence and strength in overcoming challenges.

Elaine Daly

A lawyer, beauty queen, model, emcee and currently National Director of Miss Universe Malaysia, Founding director of and a mum of one, there’s nothing that Elaine can’t do. We admire her versatility and passion for life, and look up to how she balances work and family so well.

Fasha Sandha

It’s hard not to know the famous, award-winning actress. A successful actress who has appeared in numerous movies, television shows, and commercials, Fasha also multi-tasks as a mum of two.

Fouziah Gous

A well-known, regular face in the Malaysian entertainment industry, Fouziah is an actress, TV host and founder of fgwalet and zeechiaseeds. Her friendliness and humbleness makes her a pleasure to work with. We love her for her kindness and flexibility. She is also a mum of one.

Hanis Zalikha

A blogger, model, actress and emcee, we could always learn a thing or two from Hanis’s flair in creativity. We love how hands-on she is with her baby – all of these while managing her thriving business, Cakenis.

Jaclyn Victor

One of Malaysia’s most renowned voices, Jaclyn shot to fame when she won the first Malaysian Idol in 2004. In addition to winning numerous awards, she has also sung for world leaders, including US president, Barack Obama. Despite her success, Jaclyn stays true to herself and is always willing to share and help. She is also a mum of one.

Melinda Looi

This super mum of four proves that women can have it all! A three-time Designer of the Year award winner who has dressed royalty as well as Hollywood celebrities, Melinda is down to earth, helpful and a joy to be with.


Nur Afiqah binti Mohammad Aidid

An engineer turned designer, Afiqah showed that if there’s a will, there’s a way. A mum of one, she followed her heart and started Pikalula with her husband’s support, making handmade, gorgeous baby booties. Pikalula now has a huge following.


Owner of Sweet Almiraz – an up and coming event styling business – Oleen is a resourceful, self-made entrepreneur. This mum of three is hardworking and always full of ideas and packed with energy. We love her passion and can-do attitude.

Nor Asyikin Abd Wahid

Mum-of-two Syikin quit her full-time job as a fashion stylist/writer in a leading fashion magazine to pursue her dream as a baby food chef. Taking pride in producing halal, homemade, healthy, no preservatives, frozen food for babies and toddlers, Bebetummy now has dealers all over Malaysia.

Elaine Chew

Last but not least, our very own founder and owner of Happikiddo. A mum of twin girls, Elaine established her first Happikiddo outlet in 2012 and five years later, expanded to five stores across the Klang Valley. A leader with a heart of gold, she is focused, adventurous and gives her 150% in everything she sets her eyes on. Team Happikiddo particularly appreciates her warmth and care for her staff.


Here’s to strong women! May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

Be Bold For Change. Happy Women’s Day!