Things To Look Out For When Buying A Double Stroller

iCandy Peach Blossom

If you have twins or kids who are close in age, it may be worth considering a side-by-side, tandem stroller or one that can be converted into a double stroller. While the former can be more challenging to navigate around narrow areas, the latter is not only great for use on the go but also saves you the hassle and pains of carrying your little ones. You can streamline your errands and keep your kids close at hand.

It’s no doubt that buying a double stroller can make a dent in your wallet. That’s why it’s important to do your homework before heading out to purchase one. We share some tips to keep in mind:

Maneuverability – It’s essential for your double stroller to be easy to maneuver, especially when it is going to be filled with children and groceries. Look for one that can be pushed forward, pulled backward and turned around easily, possibly one which has four-way wheels. Put your kids in the stroller and go for a test-drive around the store. It should feel smooth and easy to manage. Remember that your kids will grow heavier, so make sure it’s durable enough.

Tandem or side-by-side: If your kids argue over who sits in front, the choice is easiest to make – a side-by-side one! However, if this does not matter, the tandem ones are easier to push and get around turns. It’s harder to see both of your children though. If you opt for a tandem, make sure that both the seats can be reclined all the way down to ensure that the child in the back can still have a good view.

Getting in/out: The side-by-side ones are easier for children to get in and out, while the tandem requires some assistance. As with all strollers, you should look for one that is approved and has been put through stringent safety testing procedures. Check up the web for any product recalls of your shortlisted strollers to make sure they are completely safe and approved.

Lifestyle: If you use your double stroller outdoor a lot, you can’t go wrong with the all terrain ones. With big tyres and storage space, these give a smooth ride, are ultra light and easy to push.

Features: Run through the features of each shortlisted stroller. Do they come with umbrellas or shades, cup and snack holders? Are the harness straps and buckles easy to adjust, comfortable for kids? Does it have a one-handed folding option, locking rear wheels, storage areas and completely reclining seat positions? Can it fit into your car?

Here are the double stroller choices available at Happikiddo:
Baby Jogger City Select

Baby Jogger City Select
The City Select™ by Baby Jogger is a one-of-a-kind multi-functional stroller that allows parents to mix and match seats, bassinets, and car seats to customize their stroller. It begins with a single capacity stroller but expands to a double by using a unique patented attachment method. As your family grows, simply snap in a second seat and you’re ready to take on the town in stylish convenience. Folds flat in one simple step, it’s not intended for jogging.


Cossato You2

Cosatto You2
Suitable from birth up to a maximum weight of 15 kilograms per child, both seats have four independent recline positions. It comes with a third handle in the middle for one-handed manoeuver and includes head hugger, chest pads and cosy toes (can be zipped off, machine washable). It has a big storage basket to plonk babies’ bits in.


Cossato Shuffle

Cosatto Shuffle
Sits 2 children of different ages, its rear seat is suitable from birth (3 recline positions and lie-flat bed) while its front seat is great from 6 months old onwards. Includes a compact umbrella fold with autolock, front and rear chest pads, head hugger and cuddle nest (for smaller babies), and front Cosy Toes with kangaroo pouch and reversible zip-off liner. It also comes with a spacious storage basket, carry handle and lockable swivel front wheels.


iCandy Peach Blossom2

iCandy Peach Blossom
A multi-mode system, with simplistic styling and the ability to convert into a double mode with the optional converter kit. Suitable from birth, it can be reclined and used facing forward/rearward. It folds with ease too with one simple smooth action. Includes an extra large shopping basket, adjustable hood and all-over raincover.

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