Caring for your baby’s teeth

Toothy grin baby

After months of seeing your baby’s toothless grins, you finally spot that first little pearly white sprouting through the gums. Over the next few years, your baby’s gummy smile will gradually be replaced by baby teeth.

Albeit small, baby teeth are important as they are the foundation for adult teeth. Without a healthy set of baby teeth, your child will face difficulty in chewing and speaking clearly. That’s why oral hygiene care should begin early.

How to care for your baby’s teeth

Baby Teeth

Before your baby’s first tooth makes its debut, get into the habit of wiping his gums with a soft wet washcloth during bathtime. Once the teeth start coming in – generally around six months onwards but fret not if it takes longer as some kids don’t start getting teeth until they are 15 to 18 months – get a baby toothbrush. Choose something with a small head and grip suitable for your hand. With just a tiny amount of toothpaste, gently brush on the inside and outside of each tooth.

Prevention is better than cure. In addition to caring for baby teeth, take precautions by protecting those little pearls. To prevent cavities, refrain from giving your child fruit juices, sodas, and other sugary drinks which can settle on the teeth and lead tooth decay. Once your baby turns one, bring him for a dental check-up. Always watch out for any signs of tooth decay such as brown or white spots or pits on the teeth.

You may want to consider some of our recommended toothbrushes:

Ange Finger Toothbrush
Suitable from 3 months onwards, this helps to massage and clean baby’s gums. Use the soft bristles to gently clean baby’s teeth later on. Made in Korea.

Beaba My 1st Toothbrush

Beaba My First Toothbrush
With a narrow, triangular head, it is perfect for a child’s mouth and offers greater brushing precision. The conical handle is easy to hold; the brush has ultra-soft bristles. It comes with a toothbrush holder.

R.O.C.S. Baby Pro Toothbrush

R.O.C.S. Baby Pro Toothbrush
Its bristles are extra soft with unique triple-polished tips. The unique shape of the handle prevents excessive pressure on baby’s teeth and gums while cleaning. It also prevents the deep insertion of brush into the mouth.

Kidsme Silicone Finger Toothbrush

Kidsme Silicone Finger Toothbrush
Its dual sized brushes gentle clean baby’s teeth to remove sugars and bacteria that can lead to future decay. It can also be used to massage baby’s gums while they are teething.

Little Bean Finger Toothbrush

Little Bean Finger Toothbrush
Extra soft for cleaning baby’s teeth and gums, it slips on adult’s finger comfortably. This also gives a better access to baby’s tiny mouth.

Smart Kids Toothbrush
2080 Smart Kids Toothbrush

Imported from Korea, it comes in bright and colourful designs for varying Step ranges for different age groups.

Jack n’ Jill Bio ToothbrushJack n’ Jill Bio Toothbrush
The environmentally responsible toothbrush, it is biodegradable with its ergonomic handle made from 100% corn starch. It has rounded nylon bristles for superior cleaning.

Basilic Silicone Toothbrush

Basilic Silicone Toothbrush
Made of non-toxic silicone, it has a stopper to prevent from deep insertion of toothbrush into the mouth that may hurt the throat. It comes in assorted colours.

Pigeon Baby Training ToothbrushPigeon Baby Training Toothbrush
Packaged in a set of 3 toothbrushes, the Lesson 1 (6-8 months) toothbrush has a safety shield for practising with having a toothbrush in baby’s mouth. The Lesson 2 (8-12 months) toothbrush has rubber bristles soft enough for baby’s gums. Introduce brushing with the Lesson 3 (12-36 months) toothbrush after all of baby’s teeth have appeared. The rounded bristle-ends are soft and gentle on baby’s gums.

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