8 Ways For Kids to Self-Calm

Happy, excited, sad, frustrated. Angry, bored, disappointed, upset. Emotions are big feelings for children. Those who are guided by their parents to accept and manage their feelings since young usually grow up to be emotionally ready and healthy adults. We can help our children to regulate their emotions by acknowledging their feelings and thoughts, as well as teaching them ways to calm down on their own.

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Here are eight things kids can do to calm down:

1. Take a deep breath
This good, old way of self-calming is no stranger. Taking a deep breath or two can help them calm their nerves quickly.

2. Count to 5
Counting is a great way to help kids learn how to stop and think before reacting to their anger.

3. Identify sensations
Teach kids to identify the sensations they experience with each emotion. Is his heart beating fast? Does he feel a knot in the tummy? Get them to breathe ‘love’ into that part of the body.

4. Head to toe relaxation
Ask them to mentally scan their body, beginning from the head to shoulder, tummy, knees and finally feet. Get them to breathe into those parts of the body, or shake off the mads and sads as they go from part to part.

5. Blow into your hands
This way promotes deep breathing. By blowing directly into their hands, the child can feel the strength of their breaths.

6. Place hands in pocket
Or sit on hands or clasp them tightly. This method provides kids with physical restraint and pressure, hence offering a chance to think.

7. Squeeze and release
Just like using a stress ball, kids can also de-stress by squeezing their hands into fists, and release. Do it several times to release the tension.

8. Get a hug
A hug works wonders and melts the tension. Kids who are hugged more feel more loved and more confident in their emotions.