It’s High Time For High Chairs!

Meal times are important, if not sacred, for most families. That’s why it’s essential to have your little one sit down on the dining table and have a meal together with the family as soon as they start solids If you don’t fancy chasing after your child with a spoon during mealtimes, a well-designed yet practical highchair could be the solution.

With the varying range of highchairs in different designs, functions and budget available, it can be overwhelming.

We make it simple for you! Here are some of the things to look out for when hunting for the right high chair for your child:

  1.  Size: If you live in a smaller home or apartment, you may want to get something that doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  2.  Safety: Check the weight capacity. Does it have restraint straps to secure your child? If it comes with wheels, make sure they can be locked into place. Check the seat and tray to ensure that they are firmly secured and won’t pose as a hazard to your child.
  3.  Style: Find a highchair that will either blend in or add a splash of color to the other furniture in your home.
  4.  Storage: Can it be folded up easily for storage? This feature is especially important if you have minimal dining space.
  5.  Adjustable: Is the height adjustable for your child to sit comfortably up against the dining table? Some highchairs also come with reclinable seats and adjustable foot rests for baby.
  6.  Clean: Is the tray dishwasher safe? Is the seat removable and machine washable? Kids are not exactly the tidiest eaters, so you will want to find something that can be easily wiped and washed.
  7.  Budget: Whether you’re looking at getting a standard or European-style highchair, hook-on, booster seat or chair harness, the prices can range from as low as to the high of RM. As it can be a hand-me-down item, do invest in a good quality one.

At Happikiddo, we offer an exciting assortment of highchairs too. Let’s see what we have here:



Babyhome Eat
A light, minimalist highchair with a polished aluminium frame and wide base. It has a washable fabric seat, five-point harness and removable tray. It can also be folded compactly to be stowed away. Recommended for 6 months to 3 years.

Cosatto Noodle Supa
Pattern-powered highchair enriched with six multi-heights, 3 multi-reclines and an adjustable footrest. Remoeable with one hand, the tray comes with a cup holder. It can be folded for compact storage and has a fully washable seat pad. Superb for 6 months to 15kg (around 3-4 years).
Cosatto Pretzel Highchair Trona World Zoo
A wooden highchair with 3-stage adjustment for weaning, tothood and beyond. It comes with a comfy washable padded seat liner, removable flip-over tray and a foot rest. Suitable from 6 months to 10 years.

nuna zaaz plum2-500x500
Nuna Zaaz
A highly versatile highchair that can be customised to any size and height. It comes with a five-point harness for the earlier years, and switchable to three-point harness thereafter. No crevice designs ensures easier clean-up with air-form cushion seat. Recommended for when baby can sit unsupported to 100kg.

Oxo tot sproutOxo ToT Sprout
An award-winning highchair, the seat adjusts in height and depth while the footrest is height-modifiable. The seat is contoured to promote ‘sitting up straight’. Great from six months to five years.


TheFirstYearsOn-The-goBoosterSeatY7392The First Years On-the Go Booster Seat
Pull out the valve and it self-inflates into a sturdy full-size booster seat. The adjustable safety belt with T-restraint helps hold your child securely. When mealtime is over, just press out the air and fold down the back. With a self-carry handle, it’s compact, lightweight and ready to go. From 9 months to 20kg.

firstyears-swing tray booster seat
The First Years Swing Tray Portable Booster
Designed with both kids and parents in mind, this durable seat has a unique swing-away tray that can be released and adjusted with one hand. As your child grows, detach the tray and raise the seat height to the family table. There’s a three-point safety belt and two chair straps.

Mastela Booster to Toddler Seat
Perfect for travel, this wide booster seat has multiple height adjustments, can be used on most chairs and folds up flat. It comes with safety straps and a big removable tray, including a snap-on snack tray and cup holder. With a sturdy, non-skid base, it’s great for six months to 4 years.
MP Baby Bud
Mamas & Papas Baby Bud Booster Seat
The perfect booster seat for bringing your little one to the table, it has adjustable, non-slip feet, two chair harnesses for extra security and a removable, easy clean tray.  Because it’s easy to carry and store, it’s ideal for using when you’re out and about. Suitable from 6 months old, with a removable insert so it will give your little one a boost up to 3 years.

Pop by any of our Happikiddo stores at Citta Mall, DPulze Cyberjaya, Publika and Quill City Mall today to check out the highchairs and booster seats available!

How to Store Homemade Baby Food

Parenthood goes another notch more exciting when baby starts solids. While mixing and matching ingredients can be fun, preparing baby food can be a tiring affair too. One of the keys to making the process less time-consuming is to prepare baby’s foods in bulk.

As you learn what foods baby prefers, you may begin to double the amount cooked to store in the freezer. Just remember to store it safely so your baby can eat it at a later time. Here are some of the things to observe when preparing food for your little one:

  • Ensure that all your utensils, ingredients, work space and hands are very clean before you start cooking.
  • Get suitable storage containers ready – make sure they are also thoroughly clean and can be sealed correctly.
  • Divide your baby food into individual serves before you begin to feed your baby.
  • Never store leftover food from one meal with food from another.
  • Individual portions of baby food can be kept in the fridge for one day and in the freezer for up to a month.
  • For frozen baby food, defrost it overnight in the fridge.

Refer to these guidelines on storing baby food:

Shelf life: Up to two days
Best storage method: Divide food into clean baby food jars or individual serving containers with lids.

Shelf life: Up to three months
Best storage methods:
1) Freeze baby food in ice-cube trays and transfer the frozen cubes into an airtight container or ziplock bag.
2) Freeze baby food as ‘splats’ on a wax paper-lined cookie sheet. Once frozen, store in an airtight container and label it with the date and name of the food.

Ways to Thaw Frozen Baby Food Safely
Serve thawed food to baby within 48 hours after it is defrosted. Any leftovers not used within that time should be discarded.

  • Defrost in the fridge: Place frozen cubes or ‘splats’ into serving dish, cover and place in the fridge overnight.
  • Water bath: Place sealed frozen bag of purees in warm water. Once defrosted, portion the food into individual bowls, cover and place in the fridge until serving.
  • Defrost the food in the microwave: Place frozen puree cubes or “splats” into a microwave-safe dish, and cook using the DEFROST setting on the microwave. Stir and rotate the food often. Make sure the food is completely cool before serving.

At Happikiddo, we offer several varieties of safe and BPA-free food storage containers.

Avent Storage System
Avent Storage System
A versatile, BPA-free, space-saving storage system designed to grow with your baby. It allows you to use the same cup to express, store and feed breastmilk to your baby. Also useful for storing baby food, VIA cups have twist-on, leak-proof lids for safe storage in the fridge, freezer or on the road.

Beaba Multiportions Silicone
Beaba Multiportions Silicone
Designed for freezing and storing a la carte foods for baby, it comprises seven individual 2 oz portions and is made from high quality, platinum grade silicone. Just pop out a single portion of frozen food when it’s feeding time. It’s also freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.



Beaba BabyPortion
Perfect for storing, heating and freezing homemade baby food, these come in 3 sizes of 120ml, 240ml and 420ml. Airtight and leak-proof lids ensure food stays fresh while stackable sizes nest together perfectly in your cabinet. Also compatible with Beaba Babycook.

OxoTot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers

EASY Baby Food Storage Cups
Ideal for storing and serving food or breastmilk in small portions. Space saving with 8 cups of 2 oz each, its easy to close lid maintains freshness. BPA- and microwave-safe.

OxoTot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers
OxoTot Baby Blocks Freezer Storage Containers
Each container fits into the freezing tray, and has measurement markings to make portioning a snap. For on the go, they are airtight, watertight and leakproof. 

Shop online here or visit us at any of our stores for more choices.

Top Tips On Preparing Homemade Baby Food


This month, we get upclose and personal with Norasyikin Abd Wahid – the Founder and Owner of Bebetummy – a proudly Malaysian-operated online food store that produces quality halal homemade frozen food for babies, toddlers and kids. Bebetummy meals are healthy, has no preservatives and are made with love and attention.

Through her years of experience and passion in making homemade baby meals, Asyikin shares some useful tips on starting solids and getting ready for weaning:

Q: What are the basic kitchen essentials needed to make baby food?
Basic essentials to make baby food are clean knife, steamer/pot/pan, a food processor/hand blender/normal blender and good containers for storage. 

Q: In your opinion, what are the best cooking methods for baby food?
In our opinion, the best cooking method is by baking the fruits and vegetables as that is the best way to preserve nutrients from the foods. But steaming is one good and easy (quick) way too.  The rule goes as; the more water you use (like boiling), the more we lost the nutrients. 

Q. How do you recommend mums to store and thaw/reheat baby food?
First, you need good storage containers and using BPA free containers are the best. Find small size containers and store the food according to your child’s eating portion. Keep the food frozen in -18c and the food should last up till 6 months. For thawing, you can just let the frozen food at room temperature to make the food defrost. Then, just reheat the food using food/milk warmer, or on a stove, or using microwave. Make sure the temperature is suitable before feeding your child.

Q: Please share your top 3 tips on weaning and preparing food for baby/toddlers.
Tip #1: Wash fruits and vegetables with special detergent using to wash fruits and vegetables or use vinegar and water to wash them.
Tip #2: Make a meal planner for your baby and plan on the menu before you start buying ingredients and cook. Try to make variety of menus. 
Tip #3: Set a good environment and a routine for your baby meal time.

Bebetummy yummylicious homemade meals will be available at Happikiddo stores soon.

In collaboration with Bebetummy and Beaba Malaysia, we recently rolled out the HappiBebe Super Chef Contest. Stand a chance to win Bebetummy vouchers worth RM250 along with a mini portable fridge to store your baby food and breastmilk. All three winners will also have their signature recipes created as products for Bebetummy.

More details of the contest here. Hurry, contest entry closes on 30th September 2015. Enter now!

HappiBebe Super Chef 2015 – The Search is ON!

√ Do you enjoy cooking for your baby?
√ Does seeing your baby gobble up the food you have prepared from scratch make you oh-so-happy?
√ Do you love experimenting in the kitchen and producing dishes that make kids go ‘yayyy!’?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, it’s your time to shine! Put your passion to the test and be on the running to have your signature recipes published and made famous!

HappiBebe Super Chef_Campaign LogoHappikiddo proudly presents the HAPPIBEBE SUPER CHEF 2015 CONTEST, in collaboration with Beaba and Bebetummy. Just submit your all-time thumbs-up recipe and make your kids proud. The top 10 recipes with most Likes will move on to the Final Round.

HappiBebe Super Chef_PrizesGrand Prize: BabyCook Solo Set worth RM1,500 + your published recipes in Beaba Babycook booklet + your signature product for Bebetummy

1st Prize: Big Daddy Little Chefs Café Party Voucher worth RM800 + your published recipes in Beaba Babycook booklet + your signature product for Bebetummy

2nd Prize: Bebetummy Voucher worth RM250 + Portable Mini Fridge worth RM250 + your published recipes in Beaba Babycook booklet + your signature product for Bebetummy

10 Consolation Prizes: Exclusive gift worth RM150

* Images are for illustration purposes only. Prizes of equivalent value are subject to change at management’s discretion. 


1. Submit your favourite recipe of food suitable for children aged between 8 months to 4 years to happibebesuperchef [at] by 30 Sept 2015. Submitted recipe must include name of recipe, photo of the dish, the recommended age for the recipe, a photo of yourself, your full name and contact number. Only entries with complete details will be considered. Only one recipe per participant please.
2. Submitted recipes will be published in Happikiddo Facebook page. The top 10 recipe entries with most Likes will move on to the Final Round.
3. Top 10 finalists will be invited to participate in the ‘live’ Grand Final in Kuala Lumpur in October, where winners will be chosen by an established panel of judges. Outstation contestants must be prepared to travel there on their own expense.


Before you submit your recipe, please ensure the following criteria are fulfilled:
HappiBebe Super Chef_Recipe Criteria

√ Method – Recipes must be made using the functions of Beaba BabyCook such as steaming and blending. Recipes should only incorporate natural flavours and ingredients, and should not include any seasonings, salt, sugar, preservatives or additives, just natural flavours.

√ Nutrition Level – Nutrients from ingredients used should be beneficial for children’s growth and development.

√ Taste – Creativity in combining natural ingredients to produce a tasty meal.

√ Age Appropriate – Recipes should be age appropriate for children aged 6 months to 4 years.


1. Entries are open to Malaysia residents only.
2. All entries must be received by Wednesday 30 Sept 2015. Incomplete entries will not be accepted.
3. Entries are limited to one recipe per person only.
4. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Participants shall not contact judges for direct feedback on the judging process or results.
5. Happikiddo reserves the right not to accept or display on its social media pages, and to remove, any materials submitted by a participant (including any recipe, information, comments or images, entered or uploaded as a part of this Contest) at its sole discretion. For example, any Entry Materials containing inappropriate, distasteful or offensive material may be refused to be accepted or displayed by Happikiddo or removed at anytime. Incomplete, indecipherable or illegible entries will be deemed disqualified.

For more information, please ask our in-store team, email happibebesuperchef [at] or PM us in Facebook.