Fun kid-approved activities this school holiday


Does the thought of school holidays daunt you? As parents, we find it a challenge to keep our children occupied on days when school is out. Kids don’t do well when bored. At the same time, we do not want to be sending out the message that one has to be doing something all the time. According to experts, quiet or doing-nothing time is actually good for kids to process their feelings and emotions.

For me, planning is key. Days before the term break begins, I usually already have my plan in hands. Whether it’s a quick getaway, a playdate, a day out, or just staying home, it will all be sorted by then. Here are some great and easy activities for the kids to do over the holiday:


A trip to the library or bookshop
Find out where’s your nearest public library and make a trip there with the kids. If you can’t find one, go to a bookshop instead. It does more than instilling a passion for reading and knowledge, but is also an economical and effective way to spend time with the kids. Besides, time passes quickly when you’re engrossed in books.

Back-to-nature getaway
What better time to get back to nature than school holidays? Children these days lead a very city lifestyle, immersing in electronic gadgets as a source of entertainment. Whisk them away to a short break at somewhere they can be in touch with the beauty of nature again. Sekeping Serendah and Moonriver Farmstay in Cameron Highlands are good options to consider.

Day trip
If you do not have the luxury of time, go for a day trip instead. Whether it’s a drive to see the paddy fields at Sekinchan, an excursion to watch fireflies at Kuala Selangor, or a visit to the Farm In The City, these destinations are easily within reach and will send the kids jumping on their feet saying “hooray!” Other alternatives include Petrosains, Sunway Lagoon, KL Bird Park, Jumpstreet, or even just a drain-the-energy session at any indoor play areas like Jkids.  Otherwise, a picnic at TTDI Park is fun too.

Befriend the parents of your child’s favourite buddies in school and plan playdates beforehand. Most children enjoy having their friends over. If you’re adventurous, you can also organise a pyjama sleepover party. This does not only keep them occupied, but also allows you some me-time. Definitely a win-win!

Outdoor activities
If you live in an area with a community pool and park, take this opportunity to let them run loose and drain those energy. Swimming, cycling, gardening and DIY treasure hunt in the morning are fun. These activities can easily take up half a day, with the remaining half being spent to rest and relax.

Indoor home activities
When you have exhausted all suggestions above and still have more days to spare, it’s time to whip out some fun and educational home activities for them to explore. Here are some great options available at Happikiddo:

For Girls

Hello Kitty DIY Perfume Lab Hot Focus Deluxe Nail Studio Plush Craft Purr-fect Pillow Stick n Style Rainbow Bangles Sticky Mosaic Mermaid Treasures Jewelry Box

For Boys

Hape Jungle Buddies Paint & Play Janod Clown Magnet Janod Sackanimo Jr Scientist Air Engine Car Helipcopter Leapfrog Leapreader Tree of Knowledge Water Science Kit

For more varieties of engaging and educational toys, please visit us in-store!



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